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One Trip One Song

This project started in April 2018

Travel across the ocean once a month

Produce songs until December

KIRI, who has a one-year-old child, is traveling with his son.

Time difference, diapers, meals. .. .. While thinking about various problems and solving them

Touch the music of each country and sing what you felt when you touched the child-rearing.

I am taking on such a challenge.

Most women who have children around them

I'm giving up on my dreams and what I want to do

Or, I don't have children because I have something I want to do

I heard such words.

You don't have to give up.

What we can do together

You can enjoy it twice as much as before.

If you do that, you can do it!

It's a challenge that I started thinking like that.

Mr. Nomoto of MAGENTA PLANET Co., Ltd. agreed with this feeling.

I got acquainted with her on a trip

He resonated with this feeling with my song.

They support us throughout the entire process.

She herself is taking on the challenge.

One of them is crowdfunding. (Linked from the photo on the right)

Of course, I think there is a happy life whether or not a child is born.

However, because I gave birth to a child

How happy I would be if I could make XX positive! I think.

Recording is over , June 6th at Yokohama Motion Blue

Many visitors despite weekdays

thank you very much! !!

​ I hope to see you live in various places.

​ Click here to watchOne Trip One Song


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​ Country and place of visit

April Hawaii Kauai, Hawaii

May Thai  Bangkok , Phuket

June Malaysia Penang Island

​ July Singapore

 August Cambodia Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap

  September Taiwan  Ponfu , Tainan

 October Philipin Siargao Island

 November Indonesia Bali Bali

 December Vietnam Phu Quoc Island Ho Chi Minh City

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